$50m for buyback of bushfire properties

$50m for buyback of bushfire properties

01 March 2012

published by www.abc.net.au

Australia –The Victorian Government’s bushfire property buyback scheme opens today.

People who lost their homes in the 2009 bushfires may be eligible to have their properties purchased by the Government.

The Government says about 150 people have already expressed interest and more than 500 property owners could be eligible.

Deputy Premier Peter Ryan says applications can be submitted until the end of May.

“They will have the option of having a valuation prior to the fires and then after the event,” he said.

“They will be paid the higher of those values. There is $50 million on the table.

“Should it be that there are more property owners who are eligible for the scheme and the $50 million is not enough, then the Government will fund whatever is necessary to ensure that it is enough.”

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