Kyambura Safari Lodge Destroyed By the National Park Fire

Kyambura Safari Lodge Destroyed By the National Park Fire

23 February 2012

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Uganda — A furious bush fire, supposedly put out by the Uganda Wildlife Authority staff has destroyed the Kyambura game lodge in the past week. Our close pal from the UWA said that they were trying to clear the dry bush and give room to the growing grass during the dry season. It’s so absurd that it become wild and spread beyond the park premises.

UWA is doing its best to apologize for the lose caused so as not to be compensated for the damage caused. But the owners of the lodge have taken the matter so seriously and now its in court to let them who is responsible for the fire that destroyed the lodge. The lodge may have been in insured but the park is going to experience a loss in tourists visiting Queen Elizabeth National park more so during the peak season when tourists are expected to be many.Visiting Uganda will give you a chance to see the <a href=””>mountain gorillas</a> in their natural setting.

What made the lodge owners angry is the fact that the UWA staff was told in time but failed to react to the incidence and the by the time they thought about it, it was out of handle for them to do something to safeguard the lodge. The lodge is valued to have been built by over $1million USD and so many things were lost within no minute. Unfortunately the re-opening of this lodge has not been discussed as of now.

Under the tourism sector, this year is “visit Uganda” and discover its natural beauty. Many tourists are expected to visit the country and it’s the same year when it will commemorating the 50 years of independence as they will have an increase in the tourist arrivals to Uganda. People setting fires in the parks must be careful when doing this because we don’t want to get any other incidence of this kind.

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