Guantanamo: forest fires decreases

Guantanamo: forest fires decreases

15 February 2012

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Cuba — Guantanamo .- With the incidence of only five forest fires, the easternmost province of Cuba ended 2011, representing the lowest figure reported in the country.

It also represents the least of these incidents since 2001 due to the works aim at preserving the spreading of fires, thus protecting the flora and fauna of the area.

During last year, fires destroyed some 19 acres of forest mainly in Manuel Tames municipality. The information provided by the weather station forecast that the high incidence of these disasters could take place this year from January to May due to hot spots caused by the drought ahead.

The Cuban Ministry of Interior Forest Ranger Corps play an essential role in preventing and fighting the fires as well as the Local Organs of People’s Power and Civil Defense along with the mass organizations, as well the management positions in charge of issuing early warnings to the possible occurrence of disasters.

Guantanamo aims at having 75 percent of its surface covered by forests.

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