Fire in South Sudan’s Lakes state forest kills 12

Fire in South Sudan’s Lakes state forest kills 12

13 February 2012

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South Sudan — RUMBEK – The government of South Sudan’s Lakes state has reported that 12 people, were found dead on Saturday afternoon in the forest of Titagau payam [district] of Yirol East county.

Yirol East commissioner, Bullen Bol Achinbai, said the deaths were the result of a fire, the cause of which is unknown.

Achinbai said the deaths, which include two soldiers, four pastoralists and six women, will be investigated.

The dead soldiers were part of an anti-cattle rustling task force.

Lakes state governor, Chol Tong Mayay, said on Sunday that “it is very unfortunate for Lakes state government to lose such strong soldiers and civilians.”

Regional tension has increased with peace talks aimed at stabilising inter-state cattle rustling based violence between Warrap, Unity and Lakes states ending in bloodshed on 2 February.

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