FireWhat Extends Offering of Products, including Free App for Homeowners in Fire-Prone Areas

FireWhat Extends Offering of Products, including Free App for Homeowners in Fire-Prone Areas 

08 February 2012

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USA — Every year, much of the arid western United States goes up in smoke. Houses, property, and lives are lost in this deadly force of nature. Some 83 million people live in the ten states that receive the most wildfire activity, and millions of dollars are spent fighting fire annually, especially as urban sprawl increases the scope and complexity of the wildland/urban interface. 2012 is projected to be no exception. Northern California has received only twenty percent of average snowpack, meaning a drier summer than normal.

So what can you do to help protect yourself, your family, and your home as a result of a wildfire? FireWhat, a tech start-up in Dunsmuir, CA developed a revolutionary mapping and weather platform for wildfires around the country. Using a NASA satellite, WeatherUnderground Inc. local weather data, tracking information from Air Attack on-scene at wildfires, and Google Maps satellite imagery, provides current wildland fire perimeter data on a map showing roads, terrain, area weather, everything you need to know about a fire in your neighborhood.

The service is now available as an app. The premium model, designed specifically for firefighters, is out now on the iTunes App store. FireWhat is extending its product offering to homeowner-designed versions. On April 1, in time for fire season, a free version of this App will be available, with guides and tools built in with the homeowner in mind. An Android-compatible version of both the free and premium app will be available April 1 as well.

About FireWhat Inc.
FireWhat Inc. is a start-up company founded by an MIT grad and two professional firefighters. FireWhat’s mission is to provide a professional platform that inspires the highest quality of emergency service training and education. Through development of web and mobile products, FireWhat Inc. seeks to update the antiquated delivery of emergency services training and to incorporate innovation into a technology-deprived industry.

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