New Wildfire Reported in Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountain

New Wildfire Reported in Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountain

05 December 2011

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Bulgaria — A large wild fire is raging Monday in Bulgaria’s Pirin mountain in the municipality of Yakoruda.

The blaze started before noon and has already spread on 100 decares of beech forest, according to the Regional Service “Fire Safety and Protection of Population” in Razlog.

The location is at an elevation of 2 300 meters and very difficult to access. Local volunteers, forest rangers, firefighters and civil defense teams are trying to tame the fire with an effort to localize it and then fully extinguish it.

According to initial reports this is a suspected case of arson.

The flames have engulfed trees, not dry grasses and bushes.

Bulgaria has witnessed several wildfires lately.

The one that erupted last Monday in Bulgaria’s Central Balkan National Park is spreading even further over strong winds in the area, the local service “Fire Safety and Protection of Population” reported and now covers a territory of approximately 3 000 decares of forests, grass and bushes.

Some 50 people are engaged in the already week-long extinguishing operation. The military sent a helicopter which in the course of three days poured tons of water on the burning trees. 50 army servicemen are expected to join the effort later on Monday, amidst fears the situation might get out of control.

According to local experts, this wildfire has most probably been the result of arson as well.

The Central Balkan National Park is located in the central and higher portions of the Balkan Range. The Park contains rare and endangered wildlife species and communities, self-regulating ecosystems of biological diversity, as well as historical sites of global cultural and scientific significance.

Just several days ago, another massive wildfire in Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountain was successfully extinguished.

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