Vast Wildfire Erupts in Bulgarian National Park, Arson Suspected

Vast Wildfire Erupts in Bulgarian National Park, Arson Suspected

28 November 2011

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Bulgaria — A vast wildfire has erupted in Bulgaria’s Central Balkan National park, the country’s Environment Ministry has informed.

The raging fire is likely to have been the result of arson, local experts believe, adding that they will contact the regional Prosecutor’s Office in the nearby town of Troyan regarding the case.

Security employees from the national park have organized a large fire extinguishing operation, even though the terrain is difficult and cannot be reached by vehicles. Employees from several other institutions are also set to participate in the operation.

The Central Balkan National Park is located in the central and higher portions of the Balkan Range. The Park contains rare and endangered wildlife species and communities, self-regulating ecosystems of biological diversity, as well as historical sites of global cultural and scientific significance.

As elsewhere, forest fires are usual in Bulgaria for the drier and hotter months of summer and early fall, which makes the occurrence of Monday’s fire unusual.

Just several days ago, another massive wildfire in Bulgaria’s Pirin Mountain was successfully extinguished.

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