Veld Fires poses Health Hazard in Oluno

Veld Fires poses Health Hazard in Oluno

21 September 2011

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Namibia — Veld fires are a common sight during summer in Namibia and the northern region are no exception. Burning fires has been observed in Oluno, Ondangwa, where residents are on alert in case they get out of hand in the residential areas surrounded by dry grass patches.

A veld fire broke out in the Oshana (pan) close to the houses last Sunday. Residents of Oluno fear for their health because of inhaling smoke and the impact it might have to the environment. The common recurrence of fires has had residents asking what is causing the fires. Unknown arsonists have been cited but there’s no concrete evidence.

An angry resident, who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity, said; “we are living in fear of these burning veld fires because they just break out instantly and they are causing us health problems, such as breathing nuisance, more especially to asthmatic people and the area looks very bad now.” She believes that veld fires can cause more serious problems such as death and destruction of land.
Oluno residents are asking the town council and security authorities to investigate the outbreak of veld fires around the town, and if possible find the culprits. During summer fires can also ignite on their own especially when it’s hot as a result of flammable items lying in the fields.

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