ARK Animal Emergency Response

ARK Animal Emergency Response  

16 September 2011

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Australia — When the bush fires of 2003 tore through parts of Canberra, one of the overwhelming fears for people whose homes were under threat was “What will I do with my pet?”

After that devastating disaster, two ‘Ark’ vehicles were designed and created specifically to look after the needs of animals during emergencies.

People have been known to perish during emergencies trying to save their companions, so Canberra should be very proud of it’s focus on animals during crisis situations.

A chemical fire in Mitchell meant that campers in town for a horse show at EPIC were woken from their tents and told to get to safety immediately. Many refused to leave their dogs and horses behind in unknown danger, so the animals became evacuees too.

Tim Gibb from ACT’s Domestic Animal Services was at the evacuation point in Dickson College which became temporary lodging for up to a hundred out of towners.

They came from all over Australia with over 50 horses and dozens of dogs, and all of them needed to be cared for during the evacuation.

While the human evacuees warmed themselves with hot coffee and blankets, the Ark vehicle was there for the animals and specially set up to make sure they have all the water, food, veterinary care and transportation they may need.

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