Three Gaza rockets fired into Israel, breaking ceasefire

Three Gaza rockets fired into Israel, breaking ceasefire

22 August 2011

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Israel — Three rockets fired from Gaza fell in Israel’s South on Monday evening, just after the Israsel Defense Force’s Home Front Command informed local authorities that the threat level was now reduced. One of the rockets, which fell in the coastal region near Ashkelon, led to a brush fire, which firefighters are currently working to extinguish.

The rockets fell four days after coordinated terror attacks in Israel’s South, which was followed by IAF bombardment of terrorist targets in Gaza, beginning a new cycle of escalating violence. A ceasefire was announced a day ago, and led to the Home Front’s re-evaluation of the terror threat.

Inhabitants of some of the cities and towns that surround Gaza had returned to a sense of normalcy. The malls and shopping centers in Ashdod and Be’er Sheva that were empty in recent days were filled with people today.

“Finally we have relief and we can leave our houses, we are certain that we will have to return to our reinforced rooms and that we will hear the siren alarm again soon,” said Roni from Be’er Sheva.

Ashkelon city council decided to hold the Briza Festival after all, and it is expected to begin tomorrow. The decision to hold the festival was made in consultation with the Home Front Command.

The streets of Ashdod were also filled with people Monday. “We understand the the ceasefire is temporary, but we finally were are to take the children to the malls today and breathe fresh air after two difficult days in Ashdod,” said Galit, a resident of the city.
“Even if the ceasefire is temporary, it causes the whole city to reawaken,” she added.

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