Forest Fire Localized near Border with Macedonia

Forest Fire Localized near Border with Macedonia

22 August 2011

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Bulgaria — After an effort that took nearly six hours, 12 firemen, 15 forest rangers and over 20 local volunteers Saturday succeeded in localizing a major forest fire between the villages of Logodazh and Leshko near Bulgaria’s border with Macedonia.

The fire broke out shortly after 2 p.m. and destroyed some 50 ha of mainly grass and undergrowth in a mixed forest. The firefighters’ top priority was to prevent the fire from

spreading to neighbouring Macedonia, the Blagoevgrad Fire Service said.

No casulaties are reported. One deserted old house and two barns have burnt down. Police are still investigating the cause of the disaster. It was most probably started by mishandled open-air fire, Blagoevgrad Fire Service Chief Kostadin Tashkov said on Sunday.

Ten firefighthers and 30 forest rangers remain posted on site to make sure that the fire will not restart.

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