Now, an online game where Putin tackles forest fires

Now, an online game where Putin tackles forest fires

05 August 2011

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Russia — A new game has appeared online where Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the main character who drives cars, tackles forest fires and ‘wastes terrorists in the outhouse.’

Putin also drives a Russia-made Lada Kalina car in the ‘Like Putin’ game.

The goal of the game is to boost ‘VVP’, an abbreviation which means both the Russian term for gross domestic product (GDP) and the prime minister’s initials.

A two-dimensional Putin figure moves along various locations to gather bonuses, hearts and medals.

Political experts, however, said the game is just part of Putin’s election campaign.

Another analyst Alexei Makarkin said: ‘I’m not quite sure that such things are somehow initiated by Putin or his circle. His image probably became something absolutely different from Putin himself.’

A government source said they were not notified about plans to make Putin an online game character.

Alexei Kabakov, the head of the Agency One company, which created the game, said it was created as a promotion stunt for the company.

‘We were afraid that the reaction would be bad, but it seems to me that we made an enjoyable game. We were thinking about a striking move to promote our agency… And Vladimir Putin immediately came to our minds,’ he said.

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