Smoke haze over Yala, Phatthalung

Smoke haze over Yala, Phatthalung

02 August 2011

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Thailand — Haze from bushfires in Indonesia has blanketed Yala and Phatthalung provinces, causing poor visibility and forcing residents to stay indoors.

A thick haze settled over many areas of Yala. It is the third time this year the province has suffered under bush-fire smoke brought in by winds from Indonesia.

It occurred twice last month.

Yala public health chief Sawas Apiwatjaneewong asked all hospitals in the province to keep a count of people seeking treatment for respiratory problems, and to provide extra care for patients with asthma and other breathing problems.

Leaflets on health guidelines, including the suggestions to wear face masks in affected areas have been distributed to local residents.

Several districts in Phatthalung province have also been hit by thick haze. Many residents have reported for treatment for respiratory symptoms. Tamot, Kong Ra and Pa Boon districts have been badly affected.

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