Forest fires diminish in Guantanamo

Forest fires diminish in Guantanamo

22 July 2011

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Cuba / Guantanamo — Guantanamo turned out to be the province with a fewer forest fires index during the last critical period for their occurrence in Cuba, at the conclusion of which the country registered the highest figure of disasters from 1991.

Between February and May, the Foresters’ Body registered five facts in the territory, which damaged scarcely 19 of more than 202 thousand hectares protected by its members. It is joined in this figure the 45 disasters happened in non-forest areas such as fields of pastures and bushes.

The result is more commendable since Guantanamo has approximately 250 thousand hectares of natural and artificial forests that occupy 40,3 per cent of its total surface, the highest second index of the country, after Pinar del Río.
In the mentioned period, Cuba reported 695 forest fires that affected this year over 20 hectares.

The increase in fires in the country was conditioned by the rainfall deficits and droughts more widespread, stressed by the influence of the weather phenomenon La Niña, and the impact of man on nature.

Although the estimated economic losses ascend to 200 thousand pesos, this figure does not account for the impact of fires on human health and the environment.

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