Russian Wildfires Could Be Much Worse Than Last Year

Russian Wildfires Could Be Much Worse Than Last Year

09 June 2011

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Russia — Wildfires across Russia drove wheat prices to the stratosphere last summer, causing the world’s third biggest wheat producer to stop all exports.

Unfortunately this summer could be worse.

Greenpeace spokesmen tells The Moscow Times:

“We’re burning, burning badly. This year’s situation is already much worse than last year’s…

“There are dozens of them around Moscow. It’s technically impossible to put out some of them already.

“A large amount of fires last year and this year do not show up in official statistics, but we’ve counted 64 peat fires around Moscow right now.”

Russian officials confirmed these worries.

The Federal Forestry Agency chief played down the threat to Moscow this year, but admitted that a surge in forest and peat bog fires is imminent.

“The summer will be tense and uneasy,” Viktor Maslyakov told journalists.

He said the government should declare an emergency situation in three Siberian regions, where unusually hot and dry weather caused multiple wildfires.

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