National park and police join forces to tackle wildfires

National park and police join forces to tackle wildfires

02 June 2011

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United Kingdom — DYFED Powys Police and the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority have joined forces in a bid to tackle wild fire crime in the national park.

A police helicopter is taking thermal image photographs of the almost 2,000 acres of upland common and peat bog, which were severely damaged in what has been described as the worst heathland fire in 30 years, to assess whether there is any peat bog still burning underneath the soil.

Insp Ian Richards, from Dyfed Powys Police said investigations were continuing into the cause of recent major fires and it was important for all local authorities to join forces and battle wildfires and wildlife crime together.

John Cook, chief executive of Brecon Beacons National Park Authority said: “We are facing some challenging summer months ahead so the co-operation and assistance of organisations like Dyfed Powys Police Authority is especially warranted.

“We know from first-hand experience that wildfires can get out of control very quickly and it takes up so many resources of all those involved.”

He said the support of Dyfed Powys Police to help fight the wildfire crimes, monitor their ecological impact and assist in the recovery process was vital.

“With their help we will continue to monitor and investigate these remote sites over the next few months.”

He said park authority wardens would continue to issue fire warnings throughout the coming weeks and said people were advised not to light BBQs and campfires in open countryside and not to release or light any Chinese lanterns, and to think responsibly about how to dispose of cigarette butts, lighters, glass bottles and matches.


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