Smoke from massive fire envelops villages

Smoke from massive fire envelops villages

04 May 2011

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United Kingdom — HUNDREDS of homes in Llandybie, Llandyfan and Trap were enveloped in dense choking smoke from a huge gorse fire which broke out on Monday morning.

The fire, which erupted to the north of Carreg Cennen Castle, sent thick clouds of black smoke – fuelled by high winds – billowing into nearby villages.

“There’s was an awful lot of smoke covering a huge area,” Trap resident Beryl Owen told the Guardian. “The undergrowth is tinder dry and the peat on the mountain keeps the fire going.

“All it takes is for one carelessly discarded cigarette and I imagine the whole thing goes up.

“It’s quite scary to see the glow of the fire at night. Trap wasn’t badly affected but the easterly wind sent most of the smoke towards Llandybie.”

Katie Hooper, of Caeffynnon, Llandybie, said the gorse fire was the worst she’d seen.

“On Monday night you could see the flames on the mountain from Tycroes,” she said.

“Loads of homes in the village have been affected. My house is absolutely stinking of smoke – including my little boy’s bedroom.”

Meanwhile, the occupants of four terraced houses damaged by a fire which broke out in Banwen Place, Lower Brynaman on Friday afternoon are unlikely to be able to return to their homes for some time.

It is thought the fire started in a garden shed and spread to a domestic oil tank which exploded.

Two firefighters suffered superficial burns while a third was bitten by a dog he rescued from one of the houses.

Local councillor Alwyn Woolcock said that if the fire had broken out at night the outcome could have been much more serious.

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