Haze Causing Health Problems

Haze Causing Health Problems

29 April 2011

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USA — The extreme wildfire season has resulted in poor air quality across west Texas and doctors are seeing the aftermath.

Since the wildfires sparked up around the region, doctors have seen a 70 percent jump in patients with reparatory issues.

“Asthma or sinuses, I’m seeing more and more people in my office with breathing problems,” said Doctor Madhu Pamganamamula, Internist.

And conditions are impacting people of all types.

“Even people who haven’t had allergies in the past are getting problems. Whatever is in the air will go into your nasal cavities and irritate them and cause symptoms from the irritation,” said Pamganamamula.

People who spend lots of time out side are most at risk.

“Probably the worst that I’ve seen it since I’ve lived here,” said Tanya Lackey, runner.

Tanya Lackey runs daily at Memorial Gardens in Odessa but has cut back due to the air quality.

“I just go to the gym more and come out here less. When I’m out here running, it’s affected me as far as catching my breath, respiratory problems and a cough,” said Lackey.

Winds are expected to continue blowing the haze into our area through the weekend.

Here are a few recommendations to protect yourself from the poor conditions:
Try to limit time you spend outdoors.
If you have allergy or Asthma medication, be sure to take them before going outside.
If you are outdoors for long periods of time, wear a protective mask.
Keep your eyes moisturized with eye drops.
See your doctor if none of the above calm symptoms.

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