Forest fires

Forest fires

24 April 2011

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Kazakhstan — In Pavlodar, fire engineering services are paying a lot of attention to the «Yertys ormany» natural park, which had two islands of fire. The largest fire appeared in the Kokzhalsky forest district of the Beskaragai department. The staff of the forest district saw the smoke in the pine forest from the tower. Immediately several road tankers, tractors with ploughs and containers with water were sent to the island of fire. At the same time, the «Kazlesookhrana» sent a Mi-2 helicopter for the reconnaissance of the spread of fire. Officials of the natural park said that due to the heavy wind, blows of which reached 25 metres per second, they are faced with a crown fire. However, the staff of the forest district and fire fighters from neighbouring residential areas were able to isolate the fire.

Talgat Nurmagambetov, deputy head, Pavlodar regional emergency situations department
«All our forces are at the place of the fire. We have sent 4 cars from fire fighting departments to help foresters. We are ready to react immediately if the situation gets out of control. I general, we have separate islands of fire in steppes and meadows. To cope with this situation, we have introduced space monitoring. Due to this monitoring, we are coping with fires immediately.»

Another island of fire was isolated in the Bayanaul district, where there was the threat of fire in the forest fund of the National natural reserve. The fire was isolated in time.

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