Cattle come down from alpine park

Cattle come down from alpine park

11 April 2011

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Australia — The last of 400 cattle have been mustered out of Victoria’s Alpine National Park.

The stock were part of a trial, instigated by the State Government, investigating whether their presence reduced bushfire fuel loads.

The removal of stock comes as Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, considers making changes to the Commonwealth Environment Act, which could mean a complete ban on grazing in national parks.

But mountain cattleman Charlie Lovick says the timing is a complete coincidence.

“We’ve been mustering our cattle out of the alps the First of April every year for the last 50-something years, so it was nothing new to us,” he said.

“Cattle have got instincts and they know when it’s getting cold and when it’s time to head off home.

“I’m actually contracted to the Victorian Government and I take my direction from them.”

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