GelTech Now Eligible to Supply Federal and State Governments Fighting Wildfires

GelTech Now Eligible to Supply Federal and State Governments Fighting Wildfires

10 March 2011

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USA — GelTech Solutions, Inc. creators of FireIce, a revolutionary water enhancing fire suppressant that has the potential to change current firefighting techniques globally, today announced that its product, FireIce, after 24 months of evaluation, has passed all tests in accordance with Forest Service Specification 5100-306a and has received listing on the United States Forest Service’s Qualified Products List. This listing qualifies FireIce to be sold directly to Federal and state governments as an important tool in combating these deadly and costly wildfires.

The Qualified Products List or QPL is a list of products that have been tested and certified by the U.S. Forest Service. This strict testing process takes 24 months and involves over 40 product tests to ensure a product’s effectiveness and its safety for the environment. FireIce met these requirements.

The U.S. Forest Service specification 5100-306a is the testing procedure for ‘water enhancers’ to be used in wildland and wildland-urban interface fire management. FireIce is now approved for use on Federal land with ground application equipment or can be dropped from planes and helicopters to suppress spreading wildfires. Unlike other products, FireIce can be “applied” directly to the fire area to slow or stop combustion, and for exposure protection.

Receiving the U.S. Forest Service listing is one of the highest certifications a suppression product can receive. FireIce now has the ability to be chosen and used in large scale operations around the world. Joseph Ingarra, President of GelTech, stated, “Many countries around the world follow the QPL. This approval allows us to create a worldwide footprint for FireIce over the coming months and years.”

Michael Cordani, CEO of GelTech Solutions, stated, “I am extremely proud of our team for reaching this important and crucial milestone. Having received the Forest Service ‘stamp of approval’ is a huge step and gives instant credibility to FireIce in the marketplace. The U.S. Forest Service approval now gives us the ability to assist with the large scale wildfires around the entire United States. We feel FireIce is going to be a valuable tool for eradicating wildfires both domestically and around the world.” Cordani added that “unlike competitive products, FireIce is Eco-Friendly. This becomes a significant factor based upon FireIce’s ability to aid in the re-growth of grass and plant life in the areas where it is used as well as protecting animals and fish.”

Joseph Ingarra, President of GelTech Solutions, stated, “We are extremely excited and prepared for the next phase of GelTech’s business plan — ramping up sales of FireIce. Our distribution partners have been preparing for this along with us and will play a significant role in taking GelTech to the next level.”

Paul Curtis, CEO of L.N. Curtis & sons, a leading distributor of fire suppression products to the Federal and state governments stated: “L.N. Curtis & sons is enormously excited about the news of FireIce receiving QPL Status. The extensive testing that a product must undergo in order to pass these standards speaks to the high quality of FireIce. We are very enthusiastic about taking this news to the marketplace. L.N. Curtis & sons is committed to providing effective and safe tools to emergency responders. We are grateful to GelTech in taking this extra step to ensure our hero customers receive only the finest products.”

Peter Cordani, the inventor of FireIce, stated: “After 4 long, hard years, we have achieved validation at the highest level.” Cordani added, “This gives us a clear runway to roll out many more of the inventions we’ve put in place over the years to help fuel the future growth of GelTech.”

Wildfire Statistics

Federal fire suppression costs have increased significantly in recent years, exceeding $1 billion in five of the last seven years. Almost 50% of the U.S. Forest Service budget is now spent on fire suppression each year. Recent articles state that the U.S. Forest Service uses an average of 26 million gallons of aerial retardant annually and that figure is expected to increase by 500,000 gallons per year. There has also been an increase in large scale wildfires (100,000 acres +) in recent years. Since 1997, 98 large scale wildfires have broken out in the U.S. alone with 54 taking place since 2005. Since 2000, there has been over 785,000 wildfire fires affecting over 69,000,000 acres in the United States alone. Globally, this number is multiplied many times over with recent examples being the historic fires taking place in Russia, Greece and Israel. “The prospect of taking market share in this global multi-billion dollar marketplace has everyone at GelTech extremely excited at the near and long term potential for our company,” said Joseph Ingarra.

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