RM42, 000 from Ihsan Monetary Fund to ease the burden

RM42,000 from Ihsan Monetary Fund to ease the burden

01 March 2011

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Malaysia — 14 smallholders who claimed losses of up to RM4.5 million after the fire affected farm in Kampung Kauar near Kota Bharu receiving cash assistance amounting to RM42, 000 from Ihsan Monetary Fund to ease the burden they carry out replanting.

Chairman of Kelantan Goodwill Fund, Datuk Awang Adek Hussin said, all fire victims received RM3, 000 a day in cash to enable them to work the rubber plantations destroyed it again.

He said the grant is the amount of aid the committee members decided on the compassionate and it is not due to fire damage occurred.

“Other assistance may be also supported by various agricultural agencies like the Department of Agriculture and the Rubber Industry Smallholders Authority (Risda) in the form of agricultural inputs or seedlings required, including seeking the help of Malaysia to channel aid Pineapple pineapple seeds were destroyed by fire Last week, “he said.

He said, this to reporters when met after delivering the donations in Kampung Seri Kamunting, Beoh, near here today. Also present, Deputy Chief of UMNO’s Earth Sciences Department, Datuk Dr. Ilias Hussain.

Dr. Awang Adek said the affected farmers are incurring huge losses until there is a hit RM100, 000 as most of the rubber tree in the farm milk yield can be harvested almost sap.

He says human negligence is identified as the cause of the fire that occurred in the area is mainly peat land owners to conduct open burning during land clearing or agricultural fields.

“Fires will happen easily, especially during the dry season is not only spread through the pile of dead leaves and rotting wood, but due to the peat itself is easily burned and spread quickly.

“The success of the firefighters who managed to control the fire from spreading to a wider area should be commended. The location of fires occurring is extremely remote from the main road with a narrow access road to prevent travel fast indeed to prevent fires. However, most of rubber plantations and other other plant-side around the scene managed to be saved from loss, “he said.

Dr. Awang Adek who is also UMNO Division Head of Earth Sciences, said the fires in peat areas is reported to occur frequently due to the same source of human error that open burning in the area.

He said the management of the People Service Centre Earth Sciences in collaboration with Bachok Fire and Rescue Station will continue to carry out fire prevention campaign and warning of open burning to the public, especially farmers who have farms in the area of peat land in order to avoid recurrence of similar incidents.

“We will ask the cooperation of the Imam, Penghulu Mukim and Chairman of Village Peace and Development Committee (CAC) action to provide information on the dangers of open burning in plantations or forest peat in mosques, community halls or campaigned from house to house,” he said.

He said this step is important because prevention is better than fire-fighting and long-term kerugiaan incurred by the farmers involved are large numbers that would yield income for their living at least 15 years.

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