Five Year Old Girl Killed in Accident on I-20

Five Year Old Girl Killed in Accident on I-20

28 February 2011

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USA — The thick smoke from a grassfire in Midland County caused a deadly eight car pileup on Interstate 20 where a five-year-old girl was killed.

Five-year-old Cameron Dominguez was riding in a truck when it wrecked and burst into flames.

The driver of the pickup, Cameron’s Uncle, Juan Dominguez, is recovering in stable condition at Midland Memorial Hospital.

Her half-brother, 9-year-old Elijah Arp was treated and released.

State troopers say the crash happened when the driver of a corvette– Luis Inguanzo drove into heavy smoke on the highway from a grassfire.

We’re told he stopped right in the middle of the Interstate because he just couldn’t see and his car was slammed by cars coming behind him.

Troopers say in a dangerous situation like this, whatever you do, don’t stop.

Troopers aren’t sure if five-year-old Cameron Dominguez died in the crash or the fire.

The corvette driver was treated and released from the hospital.

A benefit fund has been set up for the family of five-year-old Cameron Dominguez to help out with funeral expenses.

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