Firemen face difficulties when extinguishing forest fire in Iran

Firemen face difficulties when extinguishing forest fire in Iran

20 November 2010

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Iran —  In Iran, firemen faced difficulties when extinguishing the forest fire that broke out on Thursday at 10:30 in the Iranian province of Gulistan, Iranian İSNA news agency reported.

“At the moment, 600 peoples and two fire-fighting helicopters are trying to extinguish the fire. Mountains, where the territory covered by the fire is located, as well as wind prevent extinguishing the fire,” Rasul Khisam, the head of the Emergency Situations Organization of the Iranian province of Gulistan said.

According to him, two more helicopters will be sent to extinguish the fire at the scene.
Khisam said no fire victim is reported. The damage caused by fire, may be counted only after its extinguishing.

The Gulistan Province is located in northeast of Iran. The center of this province is the Gorgan city. In the north the province borders with Turkmenistan, in the west with the Caspian Sea. About 60-70 percent of the province’s population is Turkmen. A small amount of Azeri Turks (about 100,000 people of Qajar nationality), Kazakhs and others live here.

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