Cries of seals might have led to gorse fire!

Cries of seals might have led to gorse fire!

17 November 2010

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United Kingdom —  The mystery surrounding the cause of last night’s blaze on Bradda Head has been solved.

It seems the gorse and grass fire was started by one of a number of parachute flares, fired from Port Erin lifeboat.

The vessel had been launched to help coastgurads search for a possible injured person at the fooot of Bradda Head, after a member of the public thought they heard sounds of distress.

One of the flares drifted onto the land and, due to a malfunction, was still alight when it hit the ground.

It’s thought the cries were those of seals, which had climbed out of the water and onto the rocks.

A media release from Port Erin lifeboat is stressing that all its volunteer crew members are fully trained in the use of pyrotechnics, and the incident was caused by circumstances beyond their control.

Up to 40 firefighters worked for two hours to bring the flames under control.

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