Aircrafts work to extinguish fire in Georgia

Aircrafts work to extinguish fire in Georgia

15 November 2010

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Georgia —  Aircrafts are working to extinguish a fire in Georgia.

A forest fire is burning for the fourth day in a row, the Georgian Environment and Natural Resources Ministry told Trend today. The ministry, the Emergency Management Department, regional fire services and the local population are all working to extinguish the fire.

The forest fire has spread across Kakheti, Akhmet and Sagarej. The total area has not yet been determined. The fire has covered 25 hectares of forest on the Lopotskoy Mountain in Telavi and 17 hectares in Bagdadi. Aircrafts are also working to extinguish the fire due to the rough terrain in the region.

The fire has destroyed about 80 hectares of forest in the Sno Valley and spread to the Koseli and Karkucha valleys.

The cause of the forest fire is still unknown.

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