Firefighting focus changes

Firefighting focus changes

10 November 2010

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Australia —  The Tasmania Fire service and the State Government have started working together to implement recommendations from the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission.

Emergency services and both state and local government representatives met yesterday to discuss changes for the coming fire season.

The fire service’s Gavin Freeman says that since Black Saturday two years ago, the TFS has changed its priorities during extreme bushfire emergencies from fighting fires to protecting people and valuable assets.

“We need to shift our focus to not take attempt futile tasks of trying to put the fire out but focusing more on where the community are and helping them react and respond,” he said.

Matthew Heeley from the Department of Premier and Cabinet says the State Government will take a more hands on approach during a bushfire emergency.

These events damage communities they damage infrastructure, they impact on almost every aspect of the lives of individuals and governments need to be there to support communities in these sorts of times.

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