Fire Causes Destruction At Otjiwarongo, Mangetti

Fire Causes Destruction At Otjiwarongo, Mangetti

29 September 2010

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Namibia —  TEN shacks were destroyed by a fire in the Tsaraxa-Aibes informal settlement at Otjiwarongo on Monday morning.

According to witness accounts, the fire began in one of the homes and quickly spread to engulf neighbouring homes.

Residents claim they lost more than N$30 000 as the fire destroyed belongings and homes.

Residents helped to put out the fire and to ensure no one was trapped by the flames, a witness said.

Some were able to hurriedly remove belongings from the shacks before they were turned to ash.

According to witnesses, two children, aged two and five, were temporarily trapped in one of the shacks and an elderly woman was trapped inside another home. Eventually, all were rescued by their neighbours.

The Community Empowerment and Development Association (CEDA) donated N$2 000 to one of the families who lost their belongings and home in the fire.


THE Mangetti National Park in the Kavango Region lost about 15 hectares of grazing to a veld fire two weeks ago, a senior official in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism said yesterday.

Colgar Sikopo, the Deputy Director of Parks and Wildlife Management, said the veld fire was very strong and the Ministry asked 20 NDF soldiers to help local conservation workers bring it under control.

He said after the fire was put out on September 17, it started up again but was contained again the same day.

The Mangetti National Park, located 100 km south of Rundu, is divided into six blocks. Sikopo said the fire spread from outside the park and officials suspected that it might have been caused by locals.

Meanwhile, Nampa reports that 25 000 hectares of land was destroyed by a forest fire at three villages in the Kavango Region’s Rundu Rural West constituency a few weeks ago.

The affected villages were Ciba, Karukuvisa and Hamweyi. Forest and veld fires in Namibia generally occur during the dry season, from April to October.

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