Illegal Immigrants Start Forest Fire

Illegal Immigrants Start Forest Fire

04 September 2010

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USA — Two illegal immigrants set a cataclysmic forest fire Friday night in an effort to send smoke signals to their Mexican friends across the border.

“The plan was to send three puffs of smoke into the air when the coast was clear,” Manuel, the principal fire-starter admitted to police. He got more than he bargained for. After pouring 10 gallons of gasoline in dry weeds Manuel tossed his cigarette butt onto the dead grass. Within seconds the blaze was uncontrollable, and has been spreading rapidly. It currently covers 100,000 acres between Mexico and California and is 23% contained.

Unfortunately for the Mexicans, they misread the billowing clouds of smoke as an emphatic signal to come to America. Several hundred immigrants were caught racing across the border towards the uncontrollable blaze. Sadly, one immigrant actually ran into the fire. He is still missing.

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