Golfer Starts Wildfire In California With Swing

Golfer Starts Wildfire In California With Swing

01 September 2010

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USA — It was just a regular round of golf, that is until one fateful swing. That one swing was all it took to start a 25-acre wildfire in Irvine, Calif.

The golfer responsible was said to have struck a rock on his swing, which caused a spark. The spark coupled with the near triple digit temperatures over the past week was enough to get the fire going. Steven Buck, the general manager of Shady Canyon Golf Club, said the fire required the work of 150 Orange County firefighters and the use of the fire departments helicopter.

No charges are going to be filed against the golfer, whose name has not been released. Thankfully the blaze did not get too out of control, as it could’ve caused some serious damage. But the firefighters did a great job and had the fire out before it could endanger any homes or other buildings.

The story sounds just crazy enough to be true, and hey, maybe the guy was playing some TaylorMade Burners…..(I know, but it’s the best I could come up with)

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