Peat fire at Crowle Moor still burning three days on

Peat fire at Crowle Moor still burning three days on

01 September 2010

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United Kingdom — A major blaze on Crowle Moor is still showing no signs of stopping.

The peat fire, which took hold of conservation land near Swinefleet over the weekend, has been raging for more than three days now.

Environmental group Natural England, which owns the land, has expressed concern that the fire will change the face of the landscape forever.

Kevin Bull, senior reserve manager for Natural England, said: “It’s getting away from us again – we’re in the thick of it now.

“The key thing is supplying water. We’re desperate.

“We’ve put down at least 500 metres of hosepipe to help fight the fire.”

Environmentalists say the fire is the worst to hit lowland England in 15 years.

Initially, eight fire engines and a mobile command centre were in attendance.

But yesterday, six fire engines were battling the blaze. Fire chiefs are confident they have it under control – but the job is not yet done.

A spokesman for Humberside Fire And Rescue said: “There are still crews there fighting the fire defensively to keep it under control and extinguish it completely.”

More than 40,000 square metres of land is ablaze, and much heather and cotton grass has been wiped out.

As reported, it is a difficult fire to fight as heat is sucked underground.

Though the fire may appear extinguished on the surface, it may still be burning deep down.

Nick Granger, group manager for Humberside Fire And Rescue, said: “All we can do is dig fire trenches and fill them with water.

“The wind is blowing the fire underground.”

The cause of the fire is unknown, but firefighters say it could have been children playing with matches, or a bottle magnifying the sun’s rays.

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