Vic Opposition launches early attack over bushfire report

Vic Opposition launches early attack over bushfire report

30 July 2010

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Australia — The report into the Black Saturday Bushfires, which killed 173 people last year, will be handed down tomorrow.

The Commission will make recommendations about the future of Victoria’s “stay or go” policy, fuel reduction burning and emergency response leadership.

The Government has promised weeks of consultation before deciding which of the Commission’s final recommendations to adopt.

The Coalition has completed an analysis of the Government’s response to the Royal Commission’s interim recommendations.

The Opposition leader Ted Baillieu says many of those are yet to be fully implemented.

“They have ignored many recommendations of the interim Royal Commission report, which was 12 months ago,” he said.

“How could Victorians have any faith that this government will implement the recommendations that will be brought down by the Commission tomorrow. They have every reason not to.”

The Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron has accused Mr Baillieu of spreading “lies”.

He says now is not the time to play political games.

“The government has put out a very comprehensive list of all of the things and all of the issues since the interim report and there is so much that has happened,” he said.

“We’re very disappointed that Ted Baillieu is trying to play politics when the report is going to be out tomorrow and this is a time when everybody needs to be coming together.”

An independent review recently found there had been a “very large commitment of resources” in response to the Royal Commission’s interim report.

The review found that despite unforseen issues delaying some initiatives, Victoria is now significantly better prepared for bushfires than it was before Black Saturday.

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