Flooding devastates Flagstaff

Flooding devastates Flagstaff

22 July 2010

published by www.examiner.com

USA — After last month’s Shultz wildfire that depleted the mountain regions of Flagstaff from any vegetation, the threat of flooding has been a constant worry for Flagstaff residents as the summer Monsoon season became active. These threats became a harsh reality Tuesday when a strong Monsoon storm system moved through the area, resulting in deadly flooding and a muddy mess.

Despite the Flagstaff residents’ efforts to sandbag regions and to put in place straw barriers around property perimeters to prevent the flooding, the raging waters were not remotely halted by these efforts. Sadly, the rapidly moving flood waters claimed the life of a 12 year old girl that was swept away as the flooding moved through Flagstaff.

As Monsoon season is still very much active, flooding in Flagstaff can worsen because there is a 60% chance of precipitation through out the remainder of the work week. Crews are now preparing for the rain waters once again, setting up barriers and sandbags. With the barriers in place it is hoped homes can be saved from the muddy mess left behind after Tuesdays flooding. Officials are urging all Flagstaff residents to prepare for another flood.

There are multiple locations set up around Flagstaff providing sandbags to those in the area. Below is a list of those locations:

  • Peaks View Park
  • Former Tumbleweed Store
  • N. Hwy. 89 and Campbell Avenue

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