American Aerospace Successfully Demonstrates UAS Technology for Wildland Fire Missions

American Aerospace Successfully Demonstrates UAS Technology for Wildland Fire Missions

15 June 2010

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USA — American Aerospace Advisors Inc. (AAAI) has completed a successful demonstration of its unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology for the monitoring of forest fires and other disaster events, according to David Yoel, CEO of AAAI. The event was held at The Virginia Army National Guard’s Maneuver Training Center at Fort Pickett, Virginia on June 1 – 2, 2010, and was attended by officials of the USDA Forest Service.

Commenting on the event’s success, Mr. Yoel stated, “We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this demonstration, which clearly showed that UAS technology has the potential to improve the firefighting community’s ability to save lives, property, and resources.”

Mr. Yoel added, “American Aerospace has spent several years developing its Reconnaissance System 16 to optimize it for the wildland fire mission. The RS-16 is a completely self-contained mobile system that includes the aircraft, ground support equipment, payloads, and a mobile command center. We created the RS-16 UAS to perform this mission, and our outstanding team of operations professionals developed the procedures and processes to deliver the required results.”

Three Objectives

According to Mr. Yoel, the three primary objectives for this class of UAS are:

  • Observation: Deliver day and night burn imagery of fire perimeters, active fire fronts, and hot spots, without putting pilots in harm’s way
  • Communication: Improve communications among firefighting personnel where line-of-sight communications are difficult to attain
  • Measurement: Provide real-time fire weather measurements to better predict a fire’s movement

Partnership with 2d3, Inc.

American Aerospace partnered with 2d3, Inc. to deploy its TacitView™ Video Exploitation System for wildland fire applications. TacitView ingests imagery and metadata captured from unmanned (or manned) aircraft and then generates real-time imagery intelligence products while simultaneously providing operators with real-time situational awareness and a common operating picture.


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