Fire crews tackle incident in Laughton Forest

Fire crews tackle incident in Laughton Forest

20 May 2010

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A large fire in a Lincolnshire forest is being damped down after burning overnight.

Five fire crews were called to Laughton Forest near Blyton on Wednesday and found an estimated 3 hectares (30,000 sq m) of pine trees alight.

Crews returned to deal with “small pockets” of fire on Thursday. The cause is thought to have been a bonfire.

Last week another fire in the same area destroyed 300 sq m of woodland. It was is thought to have started naturally.

Fire officers said the incident was difficult to deal with as the flames had got into peat deposits below the surface.

Andrew Powers, of the Forest Commission, said: “Thankfully fires are rarer than they used to be, thanks to education of those who might start them through carelessness or deliberately.

“Depending on how much woodland is affected, we can clear it mechanically and replant it or otherwise let it re-grow naturally and manage that.”


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