IDF Artillery Fire May Have Caused Major Forest Fire

IDF Artillery Fire May Have Caused Major Forest Fire

27 May 2010

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Israel — IDF artillery fire is believed responsible for a forest fire that is still burning out of control at 2:00PM IL. The blaze is visible throughout the S. Golan Heights area, and firefighting teams assisted by planes are working to bring the blaze under control. It has already destroyed thousands of dunam of forestry land. (A dunam is a quarter of an acre).

Wildlife officials are fearful regarding the extensive damage to the Gamle Reserves, and the area’s eagle population. Galil area fire department spokesman Yair Elyakim reports that firefighters are working with military officials, citing many soldiers and IDF equipment has been deployed towards bringing the blaze under control despite the difficult weather conditions which are conducive to the fire continuing to spread.

It was first believed the blaze was caused by the sharav heat-wave conditions, but it appears artillery fire is to blame. The IDF is conducting an investigation to determine if this is indeed the case.

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