Homes lost to Canadian wildfire

Homes lost to Canadian wildfire

16 May 2010

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Canada — Water bombers are attempting to fight a massive brush fire raging out of control in Thorhild County, Alberta, Canada, officials say.

Homes and farmhouses bordering forest areas went down as high winds blew sparks onto cedar shingled-roofs and wood barns, causing them to catch fire in minutes, The Edmonton (Alberta) Journal reported.

“You very quickly put things into perspective and this isn’t critical. I still have a house to live in,” homeowner Gladys Wachowich, who watched a neighbor’s house burn down, said Saturday. “The danger is not over yet.”

The fire began Wednesday and has spread to 220,000 acres of grass and brush.

Many firefighters and volunteers are working with minimal sleep — three or four hours a night, the Journal said.

The blaze was completely surrounded by Saturday afternoon, but was still considered out of control, said Brydon Ward, a spokesman for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development.

“We don’t expect to get a handle on it in the near future,” Ward said.

“It’s the volunteers that have really come to the fore on this. These guys aren’t getting a cent and they’re really working for their community,” Ward said.

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