Forsyth Man Dies In Brush Fire

Forsyth Man Dies In Brush Fire

04 April 2010

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USA —    Neighbors say a Forsyth may have died trying to stop the fire that he caused.

It took just a few minutes for a brush fire in Forsyth County to destroy nearly 6 acres of land, burn a house to its very foundation and kill 64-year-old Joe Fowler.

Firefighters spent much of the afternoon putting out hot spots in the rural area. Investigators believe the fire started quickly, moved up hill near Fowler’s house and jumped across the road destroying his neighbor’s house. Fowler was found just a few feet away.

“He was found in the woods. He was not in the home that burned. That’s important to note. He was found in the brush and deceased upon arrival,” said Fire Captain Jason Shivers.

Investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started and why Fowler was across the street from his home when he died.

“When I saw the fire initially it didn’t surprise me,” said neighbor Tim Cantrell.

Cantrell says Fowler was often burning things outside his home and believes Saturday was no different.

“Apparently, the fire he started got out of control and he was trying to put it out. It didn’t burn his house but crossed over the road and burned the neighbor’s house,” adds Cantrell.

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