Wildfire in Chiang Mai still a concern

Wildfire in Chiang Mai still a concern

08 March 2010

published by www.siamdailynews.com

Thailand —   The Land, Natural Resources, and Environment Commission visits Chiang Mai province to evaluate the wildfire and smoke situation in the area.

The objective of the visit is to seek ways to prevent the problem of wildfire and plant forests as well as to survey the blazed ground.

The northern region of Thailand has been clouded with smoke after a series of forest fires and crop field burnings in the area which has raised the air dust level in many provinces over the limit. Chiang Mai is among the few provinces whose pollution has not exceeded the standard level. Hotspots have been found covering a large area in the north, especially in February during which over 13 square kilometers of forests were burnt down.

The commission president, Mr Varut Siriwat, said having the issue viewed as provincial agenda is considered a good start but relevant agencies must cooperate for better solutions.

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