Fire air cranes leaving after quiet summer

Fire air cranes leaving after quiet summer

31 March 2010

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The last of a fleet of firefighting air-cranes on loan to Victoria, will be shipped out of Melbourne today.

The three air cranes will fly into Victoria Dock and then will be sent to Malaysia and Greece to assist in their bushfire seasons.

Erikson Air-Cranes spokesman, Mark Thompson, says they have had a much quieter summer than last year.

“We’re very happy about that,” he said.

He said all the helicopters were used to fight smaller fires and they were able to get on to most of them fairly quickly.

Two helicopters have already left and three more will be packaged up and put on ships this week.

“Two of them are heading for Greece where they’ll continue their firefighting duties and Delilah is heading for Malaysia,” he said.


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