Palms scarce for Palm Sunday

Palms scarce for Palm Sunday

29 March 2010

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Trinidad/Tobago —    Palms were in limited supply for this year’s Palm Sunday services in San Fernando as bush fires took a toll on the trees in various parts of south Trinidad.

Father Allen Ventour, who is Roman Catholic parish priest for the city, made this known yesterday while delivering the sermon at Our Lady of Perpetual Help on Harris Promenade, San Fernando.

“They (palms) got less this year because of the bush fires. Some of the trees were destroyed and some of the tress we did not take any from, because it wasn’t looking good. We thought it better to leave the palms on them to give them a better chance of survival,” Ventour said.

Persistent dry weather and humid conditions spread bush fires which burnt several areas flat, destroying fauna and flora in many parts of south and central Trinidad.

At yesterday’s church service, most worshippers used stems of palm trees and single branches.

Addressing the congregation, Ventour said perhaps people are treating Jesus Christ like Herod did.

“Herod’s attitude was that Jesus was a joker. Jesus was a clown so he scorned, mocked and laughed at him. He thought he was not important.”

Ventour asked parishioners the question: “Is our attitude to Jesus the same as Herod’s?”

Calling on them to ponder on Jesus’ message, Ventour added: “Do we take him seriously or do we say we are too busy with other things, or that we will take him seriously later on in life?”

There were sombre expressions on the faces of the parishioners. Ventour told them to question themselves on whether they showed up for communion because they had to, or because they took the body and blood of Jesus seriously.

Speaking to Newsday after the mass, Ventour said his message to Trinidad and Tobago is for people to take Jesus seriously. “We have to turn to Jesus and take him seriously. Is a lot of work. We not taking him seriously… that’s why we find ourselves in trouble so we have to start to take him seriously.”

The Harris Promenade, usually quiet on a Sunday morning, came alive with the singing of hymns as parishioners walked out the church waving the few palm branches they had.

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