Indonesia: UK Supports Jambi’s Conservation Efforts

Indonesia: UK Supports Jambi’s Conservation Efforts

29 March 2010

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by John Afrizal

Indonesia —    Indonesia and the UK are working together to curb the impact of global warming and deforestation, says British Ambassador to Indonesia Martin A. Hatfull. During a visit to Jambi’s Berbak National Park in East Tanjung Jabing regency, he said his government expected to hold an open dialogue with the Indonesian government. He acknowledged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had often expressed his commitment to addressing climate change and protecting Indonesia’s forests.

“We also plan to work together with governments in the provinces, where we can help develop programs that are environmentally responsible,” said Hatfull. He was in Jambi to observe efforts to curb deforestation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, crucial in the fight against climate change. He said he was pleased with the visit, and the programs being run by the Geological Society of London, which works together with the park to curb deforestation and protest the forest.

“The British government, through the Darwin Initiative, is funding the project,” said Hatfull. Jambi Governor Zulkifli Nurdin, said that Jambi was one of the country’s cultural centers and the only remaining home of two important tribes in Sumatra — the Rimba and Talang Mama. He said that Jambi was also the only province in Indonesia that had four national parks (Kerinci Seblat, Bukit Duabelas, Tigapuluh and Berbak national parks) in which various species of flora and fauna are found.

The British government, through its international development ministry, has allocated £4.7 million through the Indonesian Climate Change Fund and from now until 2015 will provide £50 million for climate change mitigation activities across the country. Hatfull praised Zulkifli for his commitment to addressing climate change, forest fires and illegal logging, as well as his decision to allocate 100 hectares of forest for a restoration project. “We must manage the forest and environment wisely, not based on greed,” said Hatfull.

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