Tsirang forest fire

Tsirang forest fire

23 March 2010

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Bhutan —  A two-storied house was reduced to ashes, along with three goats and a calf, which were burnt to death, in a forest fire in Rangthaling gewog, Tsirang.

The fire started from Sunkosh river on the afternoon of March 21, when a farmer was burning his farmland debris.

“He claimed to have doused the fire before heading home, a few metres away,” Tsirang dzongda Pemba Wangchuk said. “Fierce wind fanned and reignited the fire.”

The dzongda said the winds carried the sparks from the fire onto the farmer’s thatched roof, which burst into flames, leaving the owner helpless.

The neighbour’s house was, however, saved since it was surrounded by banana trees.

Police, students and forest and dzongkhag officials teamed up and suppressed the fire last evening.

“People were mobilised to stop the fire from spreading to Barshong and Tsolingkhar gewogs,” dzongda Pemba Wangchuk said. “We had to make sure the fire didn’t spread to Lungsegang area, where a chorten and a highway rest house are,” he said.

Dzongkhag officials and people’s project officials will hand over Nu 15,000, along with clothes and food supply on His Majesty’s behalf today.

Forest officials will conduct a further investigation of the area destroyed in the fire.

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