Fires, haze and water shortages plague Sabah

Fires, haze and water shortages plague Sabah

19 March 2010

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Malaysia —  A host of problems has emerged as a result of the prolonged drought in the state.

Haze, bush and open fires, water shortages, dried up rivers and poor visibility have been plaguing the headlines recently.

An eight-car pile-up was also reported yesterday at the Beaufort-Menumbok highway at 7.30am, believed to be caused by hazy conditions.

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No one was hurt in the incident involving trucks and a car but police have advised motorists to be careful and to switch on the headlights when travelling.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman has also called for water rationing for areas severely affected by drought, particularly Nabawan and Kuala Penyu.

Bernama quoted the state Water Department director, Ag Mohd Tahir Mohd Talib, as saying that the water situation in the state was manageable and supply could last until April or May.

He said the current situation was not as bad as the drought in 1997 but the hot weather was quite abnormal.

He also said so far, there would be no state-wide water rationing except for ongoing rationing in areas where water shortages normally occurred.

It was recently reported that about 500 villagers in Nabawan faced water shortages due to Sungai Penawan drying up, but Mohd Tahir said the district had been facing problems for quite sometime.

Villagers said they were turning to nearby rivers for bathing and cooking.

The situation is not expected to improve soon as Sabah Meteorological Department director Abdul Malik Tusin said that the El Nino phenomenon was expected to last until May.

“Luckily, the haze is not so bad as it is a localised source and not a transboundary haze. It is usually confined to areas where there is open burning.”

The Fire and Rescue Department has been kept busy putting out bush and forest fires, with 822 fires reported in the state up till March 17. This month alone saw 440 fires.

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