Water scarcity: Muthumalai Forest Closed-Tourist entry banned

Water scarcity: Muthumalai Forest Closed-Tourist entry banned

17 March 2010

published by www.asiantribune.com

India —  Due to heavy water scarcity, Muthumalai Tiger Reserve Forest(MTRF) was closed down and the forest department fully banned the entry of tourists.

Extreme dry conditions, threats posed by bush fires and pressure on water sources have forced the closure of the MTRF near Uthagamandalam(O0ty)

The Forest officials said, that the MTRF and the Mukurthi National Park will remain closed from Tuesday. Officials added that the Chief Wildlife Warden R. Sunder Raju has issued a directive to close them as a measure of precaution, as the chances of bush fires breaking out have increased.

Stating that the parks will be closed till April 15 or until further orders, officials added since the drought has become a major source of concern, no one will be permitted to enter the reserve.
Carelessness on the part of tourists is a major contributory factor for bush fires and the officials keep patrolling and fire prevention measures will be intensified.

The closure will be utilized to carry out maintenance work and enhance awareness about the ecology among students.

Boards have been erected at various places to create awareness about the consequences of jungle fires for people passing through the sanctuary. People, including tribals, residing in or near the reserve have been asked to be extremely careful.

Arrangements have been made to meet the water requirements of the wild animals through tankers, which will ensure that the troughs in various parts of the MTRF have sufficient water.

Meanwhile, forest officials in Gudalur said that owing to encroachments, elephants in search of water have started coming close to habitations in Gudalur and its surroundings.

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