Wildfire devours five huts

Wildfire devours five huts

14 March 2010

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India —  Five huts at Kakching Uya Loukol, Thoubal district under Kakching Police Station were destroyed by wildfires at around 1 pm today.

According to local sources, the fire might be erupted from burning of hay straws of mustard plant which were left after harvesting mustard seeds.

The strong winds help in burning the huts.

Since it was daytime and fewer people were at home, locals faced a great trouble in dousing off the fire.

Firefighters from Kakching Fire Sub-Station also rushed to the spot and tried in vain to douse off the fire.

However the fire subsided slowly on its own and was conceded at around 4 pm.

The fire not only destroyed the five huts but also destroyed many vegetables, sugarcanes and banana plants of the surrounding areas.

Villagers cautioned each other to take precaution while disposing off remains of harvested vegetables.

In the same time, in another incident, seven houses out of 30 of Kamson Kuki village were destroyed by wildfire today at around 12.30 pm.

The wildfire came from Khunou Lokchao since yesterday.

An amount of Rs 10 lakhs approximately were destroyed by the wildfire besides foodgrains and other valuables.

While trying to douse off the fire many villagers of Kamson Kuki village and sorrounding villages sustained injuries.

While sharing to the sorrows and pains of the villagers, the Kumbi Kendra Development Committee in its press release urged the state government, various social organisations to extend cooperations to the bereaved people of the village at earnest.

A wildfire also broke out at Maiba Lokpa Ching tonight causing panic to the nearby residents.

Most part of the hill has been burnt down by the fast spreading wildfire.

Fear over spreading to the fire to the residential area, villagers of village at the foothill displaced themselves and also some of them efforted to put the fire under control before spreading to their houses.

However, lost of individuals and casualty to human life were not reported in the firing even though the fire has totally destroyed the threes in the forest area.

With the on set of dry season in Manipur, burning of houses and spreading of wild have been occurring in different parts of the state causing damages to properties several lakhs of rupees

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