“Towards integrated wildland fire management – Outcomes of the European Project FIRE PARADOX”

Towards integrated wildland fire management – Outcomes of the European Project FIRE PARADOX

19 February 2010

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25 February 2010 — 26 February 2010 

This conference is targeted (but not limited) to European and national policy makers and representatives of agencies/organizations responsible for forest and land management and fire protection. The main outcomes of the project- will be presented along the pillars – prescribed burning, wildfire management, and fire use practices and policies. The presentations will be complemented by interactive demonstrations and poster sessions.

The social, economical and environmental consequences of the current wildfire regime in southern Europe are severe, and are likely to aggravate and geographically expand in the future. FIRE PARADOX, has developed contributions for mitigating fire impacts by creating the scientific and technical foundation for practices and policies consistent with the concept of integrated wildland fire management(e.g. modelling tools predicting fire spread, draft fire regulation to achieve European dimension, guidelines for assisting fire managers in decision-making and planning process).

To achieve effective integration and coherence FIRE PARADOX has approached fire from four complementary sides:

1. prescribed burning (proactive management tool for mitigating wildfire risk),
2. wildfire initiation,
3. wildfire propagation and
4. techniques of suppression fire (use of fire in fire fighting).

The conference is an event organized by the FIRE PARADOX consortium, consisting of 31 partners, lead by the Centre of Applied Ecology “Prof. Baeta Neves”, Technical University of Lisbon,Portugal. It is hosted by the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) and the European Forest Institute’s Central European Regional Office – EFICENT Forest, both located in Freiburg, Germany.


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