Smoke and power cuts from fires cause havoc for Tasmanians

Smoke and power cuts from fires cause havoc for Tasmanians

03 February 2010

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Australia —  Twenty bushfires are burning across Tasmania and it’s having an impact on people and businesses in many ways. Power cuts and smoke are causing problems for business in areas far from the fire front.

A large fire between Wayatinah and Ouse continues to throw embers, smoke and ash over communities in the area, as residents are asked to watch and act if they spot any fire activity.

TheTasmania Fire Service advises the communities of Ouse, Ellendale, Fentonbury and Westerway to watch for embers and to be ready to act on their bushfire plan.

The TFS will post current fire maps and community information in local business for residents of Ouse, Ellendale, Westerway, Hamilton and New Norfolk late this afternoon (3 February). Keep listening to your local ABC radio for regular updates and for any breaking news.

The TFS lists Lake Dobson Road, Long Spur Road (known as B Station Road), Florentine Road, Dawson Road and Catagunya Road as closed due to fire activity and Mt Field National Park is also closed as a precaution.

The Wayatinah fire has caused problems with local businesses, such as thesalmon hatchery, which has been forced to evacuate from the area to save the fish.

Hot weather and dry conditions combined with thick bush are making it hard for fire crews to put out bushfires and there arecurrently 20 fires burning around the state.

A larg bushfire at Lake Mackintosh, near Tullah, in the north of the state is causing many areas of northern Tasmania to be covered in a thick smoke.

The bushfire is thought to have been started by a lightning strike a fwe weeks agom but the thick bush and hard terrain have prevented fire crews from being able to put it out.

Although the flames are not threatening properties in the area, the smoke has caused problems over in Rosebery, forcingthe mine to close because the smoke is getting into the mine and making it too dangerous to work there.

With more warm weather and no real rain predicted for the next few days, residents in areas near a bushfire or in a bushfire prone area need to keep up-to-date with fire conditions and be prepared to act if a fire comes near their home.

Monitor the TFS website and keep your local ABC radio station tuned in. 936 ABC Hobart will broadcast regular updates and fire announcements no matter what program is on air.

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