Home-made bomb starts grass fire

Home-made bomb starts grass fire

27 January 2010

published by www.gladstoneobserver.com.au

Australia — A BACKYARD bomb has been blamed for starting a large fire on Benaraby Road early yesterday morning.

About 2.45am police were notified that an explosion had occurred near the railway bridge overpass at Glen Eden.

Gladstone police found a tin containing electrical tape, pipe and wick with the tin’s top blown off.

Police said it appeared the device had been thrown onto the road but fortunately had detonated without coming into contact with any vehicles.

The fire quickly spread to both sides of the highway.

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service officers were able to bring the two-hectare fire under control before it caused any damage to nearby properties.

Police said investigations were continuing into the incident.

Glen Eden residents in Cavella Drive, which backs onto Benaraby Road, said they heard something but weren’t sure what it was.

They awoke to find their yards and homes covered in ash.

One Cavella Drive resident said she was woken early yesterday morning by the explosion.

“It wasn’t a bang it was more of a pop,” she said.

“It wasn’t loud, loud. I thought it was a wheelie bin or someone had dropped something.

“I smelt smoke but couldn’t see the fire.”

She said she couldn’t believe that people could be so irresponsible especially given the terrible fires down south recently.

Another Cavella Drive resident said he awoke to a strange rattling sound but thought it was just the air-conditioning playing up.

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