Gambia campaigns against bushfires

Gambia campaigns against bushfires

16 January 2010

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Gambia — Gambia’s forestry officials and anti-bush fire task force have launched a week-long campaign in the country’s western region, meeting with communities and preaching the need for and importance of preserving forest cover, PANA reported Friday.

Mr. Abdoulie Sanneh, the country’s Forestry Director, speaking to communities in the region, stressed the important link between forest covers/trees to rainfall and agriculture.

Sanneh said “healthy forest cover” goes with enough rainfall, leading to bum per harvest for farmers.

Sanneh further catalogued the numerous benefits that forest covers provide, including the prevention of disasters like erosion and flooding.

He therefore challenged Gambians to contribute towards ensuring “healthy forest cover” by guarding against bush fire outbreaks.

Some Gambian inhabitants are in the habit of frequently setting the country’s bushes on fire prompting the government to come up with “anti-bush fire” campaigns which go with lots of public sensitization/education programmes.

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